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Altra Superior vs. Lone Peak: A Battle of the Best Running Shoes

Whenever I go on a hiking trip, one of the most important things I make sure to have is comfortable footwear. In the early days, I just went with whatever sneaker I had on hand. The blisters were awful, I tell you. Not to mention the foot strain.

As you know, I hike to de-stress. But I recently came across trail running videos that got me interested. I’ve been thinking of trying out something new, so I started looking for the right shoes for this.

I’ve tried a brand called Altra before, and they carry trail running shoes for women. They’ve got an extensive collection, but I’ve narrowed it down to Altra Superior vs. Lone Peak. 

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Superfeet Green VS. Blue: Why You Need to Know the Difference

Whatever, there must be a reason behind the colors. Superfeet have established a color coding to help you find the right fit for you. Looking at the color chart, between Superfeet Green VS. Blue, which one is best for your shoe?

Knowing Superfeet, these insoles are manufactured with careful research to aid in supporting and stabilizing our feet in every step we make. Do you love hiking, but doesn’t seem to have the right hiking shoes? Because I am flatfooted, the use of Superfeet platforms is like giving my feet a treat. During my backpacking trips, it is a priority on my hiking checklist.

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Desert Hiking Clothing That Will Make You Look Cool!

I put more effort into my desert attire than other climates. I know that the desert could be cruel with its extreme heat and low humidity. That’s why I’m careful when choosing my desert hiking clothing.

Picking the right clothes to wear is not only for my own safety but also for me to be able to maximize the fun while I’m hiking. The desert is a trail that few hikers dare to tread. If you are up for a challenge, be sure you are ready.

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Chaco VS Keen: Which One is the Winner for the Best Sandal?

It is summer once again, and the trails are calling my name. It is about time that I reward myself with new sandals to enjoy the holidays. I love flip-flops more than close-toed shoes. My feet deserve to be free sometimes.

I am excited to find out about the latest sandals that are best for hiking. I have been contemplating about Chaco VS Keen. Which of the two do you think will win my heart?

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How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots for Secure Hiking?

Have you ever tried walking while your heel slips in your boots? Yeah, it was those awkward moments that you need to speed up each stride but cannot. Do you remember that uphill hiking? That was the worst!

How to fix heel slippage in boots so that you can go outdoors without being left behind? Fixing it means walking in safety and comfort. Do you need help?

Let me show you how!

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Toaks VS Snow Peak: Which of the Two is the Best?

Do you know what matters most to me when backpacking? It is the company and the food that we share together. The friendship grows in every trail along with the laughter and the experience that brings us closer to one another. 

What tops it all, the meal and the cooking time builds memories. That is the reason why bringing the best-trusted cookware is critical. When I say food, there is all the time a Toak or Snow Peak behind it. A backpacker should know!

Which of the two is yours?

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How far can a dog run into the woods? Chance of Survival!

How long can you wait for your dog to come home? They say that it’s an animal instinct to survive in the wild. Intuition comes to the rescue when there is an abrupt change of environment. I feared it’s not true when I was desperately calling for help.

I love camping with my dog Kal. However, when he ran deep into the woods and did not come back, I felt a sense of alarm. How far can a dog run into the woods?

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