The Best Backpacking Pillow: Quality Products That You Should Know

When I was new to backpacking, pillows were not one of my priorities during my adventures. The first things that I would always consider were the tent that I will use, the sleeping bag that I will sleep in, or the food that I will have to bring.

However, as I spend more time in forest and woody areas, I have learned that, just like my other outdoor equipment, pillows are one of the things that can make or break my outdoor trip.

This thing is true because sleeping pillows tell whether you will have a good sleep, and sleep is what gives you the energy you need for the next day of your trip. Hence, it is very important especially when you are indulging yourself in long days of backpacking.

Good thing a lot of quality pillows are now available in the market and the list that I will present to you will help you find the best backpacking pillow for you.

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PCT vs. AT – How PCT Differs from AT the 7 Major Differences

PCT vs. AT, which is the trail suitable for you? As a hiker, you need to know the difference between the two paths. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT) are two great trails in the United States. The location of the two trails are on the far part of the country, the PCT is on the west coast, and the AT is to the east.

I have tried hiking on the Pacific Crest, and I feel my skills in hiking has improved a lot after that. Hiking on these trails can also boost your confidence and health. It is essential that you do your research before deciding which path to go. I have written this post to give you some ideas on how the two trails differ. And to determine which is the right trail for you – PCT vs. AT.

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Eureka Tents Reviews: Which One Should You Choose?

Over the past few years, Eureka has become one of the most trusted and well-known brands on the market, while maintaining its reputation for producing high-quality tents. Also, I like this brand because of its expedition tents that are better than its hundreds of competitors.

Eureka also guarantees cost-efficiency once you buy any of its tents as they will give you the best protection that you need and will not let you down. Furthermore, this brand, in my opinion, is probably your best choice when making a tent purchase.

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The Differents Ways And Tips On How To Store Sleeping Bags

Even though outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and camping are quite unusual nowadays, they remain a well-known form of recreations which provide a sense of peace and freedom that you can not somehow obtain in an urban environment.

As a person who loves the benefits of hiking, backpacking, and camping, one of the things that I had to take into consideration was learning how to store sleeping bags.

Since I need the warmth and comfort that a cozy sleeping bag provides on some of my treks, keeping it clean and in good repair is utterly essential no matter how long or where I go.

If you also want to experience using a sleeping bag on your outdoor adventures, you may continue reading this guide so you would know the details about sleeping bag cleaning and maintenance so that you will enjoy your treks while keeping your sleeping bag in a great condition.

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Quilt Vs. Sleeping Bag: Differences That You Need To Know

After a long and tiring trek, the most luxurious thing I can give to myself is a comfortable and worry-free rest. Fortunately, with the use of various sleeping equipment such as hammocks and tents, I am always confident that I can sleep with much comfort and convenience.

Recently, however, I became intrigued about some of my fellow backpackers who had a conversation about quilt vs. sleeping bag. Although these gears are not new to me, the differences between the two caught my interest.

If you are new to the outdoor world who is reading this writing piece, I know that you may also be curious about these gears. Perhaps, you may be doing some research about them before going on your trip.

If so, do not worry as I have prepared some important things to help you decide which one will fit you and your needs.

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Bivy Sack Vs. Tent: Which Shelter Is The Best For Your Trek?

When I was new to hiking, camping, and backpacking, I was clueless about what a bivy sack is, and what its purposes are. At that time, tents are the only protective equipment that I used, and they almost always give me the comfort and safety that I need during my adventure.

However, as I get used to the routines of going outdoor, I realized that I sometimes need a shelter that will take a shorter time to set up and which I can use when I camp or hike alone. 

It was then that I researched about other outdoor equipment that can be alternatives to tents, and I discovered bivy sacks.

Both these shelters are excellent for different reasons which make them a common topic of arguments of different backpackers; hence, to address the bivy sack vs. tent debate, I have decided to write this article about it and help you decide which one suits your needs.

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The Best Tent Stakes On The Market

Tent stakes might not be an interesting topic for you as the newest camping hammock or the newest tent, but they are one of the necessary things that great campers prepare. 

If you have already experienced to have a broken or twisted stake, you would realize that it is essential to make sure that you have right and enough stakes for your tent once you go on your next trek.

Replacement tent stakes are easy to order, inexpensive, lightweight, and small; hence, they are very easy to prepare without any inconvenience or heavyweight. Preparing the best tent stakes for you is also a key to an enjoyable and comfortable outdoor adventure.

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What to Wear on a Hiking Date – Interesting Tips on How to Look Good

It does not matter whether it is your first hiking date or your 10th date, you need to put on the right outfit so it will not ruin your day. Being disconnected from the rest of the world for days and spending it only with your special someone can rekindle and strengthen your relationship.

For the first-timers, you might be wondering what to wear on a hiking date. I am here to help you prepare. Trust me, my boyfriend and I have done this several times. There is nothing more special than being well-prepared during your hiking date.

This post includes tips on what outfit you should be putting in your backpack to make you look good while backpacking. Remember it’s a date and just like any other dates, you have to look good always.

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