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Your Guide to The Best Hammock Knots for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Are you bored of staying indoors? Are you tired of the daily routine in the neighborhood and are planning to go on an outdoor adventure? If so, you should consider bringing a hammock with you. It’s definitely one way of enhancing the outdoor experience. You can share it with a friend to treasure great moments with – from watching the sunset to having cool afternoon naps. 

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Lifestraw VS Sawyer: Which one is best for Survival?

Camping with no water is a complete disaster. However, I can’t bring as much water as I want to if I need to travel light. As a backpacker, I take advantage of what nature has to offer and survive. That is why it’s a relief to discover that portable water filters exist.

I have two brands strongly recommended by seasoned campers. It’s up to me which of them I will pick. Lifestraw VS Sawyer: Which one is best for survival? 

It did not take me long to decide. I learned a lot in the process too!

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Toaks VS Snow Peak: Which of the Two is the Best?

Do you know what matters most to me when backpacking? It is the company and the food that we share together. The friendship grows in every trail along with the laughter and the experience that brings us closer to one another. 

What tops it all, the meal and the cooking time builds memories. That is the reason why bringing the best-trusted cookware is critical. When I say food, there is all the time a Toak or Snow Peak behind it. A backpacker should know!

Which of the two is yours?

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Keen vs. Merrell: What I Need to Know to Make the Right Choice?

My primary objective is to go hiking ultra-light. I know that it would cost me extra bucks to buy suitable footwear that would last longer. It does not matter much. Ease and reliable quality are much more of an essence to me.

I’ve eyed two well-known brands, the Keen and Merrel. I did careful research to make it easier to decide. I have learned facts on what I need to know that helped me choose the right shoes.

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