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How to Pack an External Frame Backpack in 4 Simple Steps

Not many people recognize the advantages of an external frame backpack. Its design is rooted in history and is now still being used by hikers and military alike. If you want more storage flexibility, the external frame backpack is the way to go.

Just like most hikers, I’ve been using an internal frame pack for my trips. A friend who went hiking with me recently used an external frame backpack. Seeing one in actual use, it got me curious, so I borrowed it for my next trip.

You must be thinking that a backpack is a backpack, but after trying it out, I can tell you that there are differences. One of the things I struggled with was keeping the bag’s weight well-distributed. A haphazardly packed bag will seriously throw off your balance, which is very dangerous when hiking. That’s why I’m sharing this step-by-step how to pack an external frame backpack guide.

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15 of the Best and Friendly Small Dogs for Hiking

Hiking is a relaxing and fun activity, but sometimes the long trek can be lonely and boring. However, with a furry companion on your side, you can certainly ease this loneliness and improve the quality of your hiking trips. 

If you are planning on a hiking trip soon, it’s high time that you get yourself a dog. For starters, a small dog is ideal as they are easier to control. So, to give you some ideas as to what dog to get, here are 15 of the best breeds for hiking: 

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The Buyer’s Guide to The Best Portable Water Purifier

When buying portable water purifiers, there are plenty of things to consider. I personally have tried multiple portable water purifiers in the past few years, and there were a lot of wrong purchases along the way. I’m into portable water purifiers because my family spends a lot of time outdoors. We go hiking, fishing, biking, and other types of outdoor sports together. Thus, portable water purifiers are really handy for us. I will be discussing which portable water purifier is best for each type of situation. Plus, I will also be discussing its different features. So without further ado, here are some of the best portable water purifiers together with their pros and cons.

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Appalachian Trail thru Hike Planning: You Need to Know What Matters

It’s been years since my first hike. From then on, I have met friends, tracked nearby trails and gained the skills and experience that any backpacker should have. Yet, my heart never stops longing for more. That’s when I joined my group for another epic adventure.

Are you ready to tread on the famous Appalachian Trail? The trip won’t be easy, but conquering it sure is worth every sweat and penny I’ve saved. If by any chance, you are planning to go, let me share with you some facts on Appalachian Trail thru-hike planning. 

I did it, I’ve been there!

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Hiking Half Dome Tips: Make it to the Top!

It has been years since this trip was on my bucket list. I cannot believe I just did it! I hiked the rough terrains of the Yosemite National Park and came out victorious. I am glad for the hiking Half Dome Tips that my backpacking mates gave to me. My outdoor experience just hit another high mark!

I never said it was easy. In fact, it was terrifying and exciting at the same time. When I was about to give up, the beauty of the waterfalls along the path gave me the strength to go on. Moreover, when I reached the top, the scenery was breathtaking.

On that very day, as a hiker, I made it to the top!

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How to Waterproof a Backpack for $2 or Less

When it comes to hiking, preparedness can make or break a trip. No matter how stable the weather or how familiar you are with the area, it’s always advisable to pack for the worst.

One thing that I’ve always contended with is unexpected moisture. Rain, fog, or mist could form suddenly. There’s also a chance of passing through a surprise water supply. You could also encounter puddles left by previous precipitation.

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