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Bivy Sack Vs. Tent: Which Shelter Is The Best For Your Trek?

When I was new to hiking, camping, and backpacking, I was clueless about what a bivy sack is, and what its purposes are. At that time, tents are the only protective equipment that I used, and they almost always give me the comfort and safety that I need during my adventure.

However, as I get used to the routines of going outdoor, I realized that I sometimes need a shelter that will take a shorter time to set up and which I can use when I camp or hike alone. 

It was then that I researched about other outdoor equipment that can be alternatives to tents, and I discovered bivy sacks.

Both these shelters are excellent for different reasons which make them a common topic of arguments of different backpackers; hence, to address the bivy sack vs. tent debate, I have decided to write this article about it and help you decide which one suits your needs.

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The Best Tent Stakes On The Market

Tent stakes might not be an interesting topic for you as the newest camping hammock or the newest tent, but they are one of the necessary things that great campers prepare. 

If you have already experienced to have a broken or twisted stake, you would realize that it is essential to make sure that you have right and enough stakes for your tent once you go on your next trek.

Replacement tent stakes are easy to order, inexpensive, lightweight, and small; hence, they are very easy to prepare without any inconvenience or heavyweight. Preparing the best tent stakes for you is also a key to an enjoyable and comfortable outdoor adventure.

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Jetboil vs. MSR: Which One is the Best Backpacking Cooking System?

Most of us have a state of confusion while going on hiking that which best backpacking cooking system we should take along with us. That is why for your help, I am making a comparison between the two innovative and efficient cooking systems i.e. Jetboil vs MSR.

Jetboil and the MSR are the technically advanced and powerful cooking products which you can use in any weather condition. You can cook or boil a variety of foods in it. But there are lots of things which make both of them different from each other.

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Find the Best Backpacking Cookware of 2019 Here!

Nowadays every person has a very hectic and busy schedule. But, spending time over a campfire along with your friends or relatives can make you forget all your stresses and worries. In fact, you can make the campfire experience more joyful by cooking delicious recipes over the best backpacking cookware.

When you come back from a tiring day of adventure, a hot cup of coffee or the food is the most amazing thing to get refreshed. But, it is only possible if you have right backpacking cookware along with you.

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