How to Get Campfire Smell Out Of Clothes? Easy on the Go Tips!

How to Get Campfire Smell out of clothes

Are you wondering how to get campfire smell out of clothes? Camping won’t be the same without the campfire.

By the time the fire is on, and the cookware is out, that’s when the camping fun begins. There will be grilling, toasting marshmallows and barbecues. However, getting rid of the smell that remains into my favorite sweater could be a drag.

You may think that it’s tiresome, but I have some ideas on how to do it efficiently. I am frequently on the go. Hence, knowing some simple solutions to camping downsides such as this is a great deal to me.

Let’s talk about it so you won’t worry later on.


Quick methods that work while camping:

I do camp around for days, but I only pack light. Therefore, practical ways to solve common problems is of the essence to me. However, lack of time and provisions is not an excuse to not feel fresh and clean.

Applying alcohol


I can’t bring much stuff while camping. I find myself struggling most of the time on what to pack. It’s all about the space. Hence I might even think twice to decide what to bring between my jet boil and MSR.

So, imagine my surprise to know that alcohol spray could be useful in getting the smoke smell from clothes. What’s more, it only needs little space and effort during packing.

I learned that alcohol is an important ingredient in making perfume. It was said that it takes out any odor that mixed with it during evaporation.

If that’s the case, then it works the same with cleaning odors from clothes too.

All you need:

1. Strong alcohol (any will do)

2. Warm water

3. Spray bottle

I am pretty sure that there is alcohol somewhere within the camping group. A little amount will do. Mix it with some clean, warm water and fill in the spray bottle.

I spray the mixture all over the clothes and hang where the sun can dry them. When the alcohol evaporates because of the heat, the bad odors go along with it.

This mixture is part of my list that I need to bring for camping. Once, I missed packing one. I made the solution out of my friends’ drink and used my hands to dump my clothes with it.

Using the spray is easier, faster and lesser solution used.

Lemon Spray


Well, alcohol is hard to find during camping especially when the backpackers’ group I go with are 100% women. Fortunately, what’s always there to grab are lemons. Lemons are equally acidic and are a natural in fighting bad smells.

All you need:

1. Lemon

2. Warm water

3. Spray bottle

The same as with the alcohol, make the mixture of lemon and warm water. I make mine with one part lemon juice and eight parts warm water. After spraying the clothes all over, I hang it outside for a few hours for the sun to let it dry.

The lemon spray is handy. It is an air freshener and deodorizer in one.

Use activated charcoal


Are you familiar with this? I do use this activated charcoal at home. Just pack in into little bags and place them inside my shoe cabinet to get rid of the bad odor.

If the bottle spray seems to be bulky during my packing, I just bring a small bag of activated charcoal instead. One thing that I like about this aside from the less space needed, I don’t need to use water to make it work.

I just place my clothes inside an enclosed box or plastic with the bag of charcoal and let it do the trick. It’s ideal to make it stay inside longer, but since we are camping, a few hours will do.

Deodorizing Spray

Febreze Air Freshener


If making a solution out of warm water, lemons and alcohol take too much time for you, there’s always these deodorizing spray that you can buy over the counter. It’s available in different sizes and scents.

Pick the one for instant use where you can spray on your clothes. I have a small bottle spray that I refill with Febreze Fabric Freshener. It takes effect within an hour or so leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Conventional Methods

These methods are trusted to be most useful to get campfire smell out of clothes. It involves washing the fabric using warm water together with a detergent wash. Sometimes, vinegar, baking soda, and enzymes solutions work faster effectivity.

However, this is a long process and needs many materials along with it. I don’t recommend this to light backpackers.

Points to Remember

  • check
    The sun is best for sanitizing washed clothes. I recommend to dry it out in the open where the sun and the wind can dry it out.
  • check
    If the method does not work for the first time, try doing it again.
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    Warm water is more efficient than cold.


EClothes that smell like smoke is just natural for campers like us. It’s become a part of a campers’ life. Amazingly, this is no longer a concern now that I learned about the different ways to get campfire smell out of clothes.

I found the different ways extremely helpful. It solves the problem with just a little effort and time. Those are factors that a backpacker has so little to spare.

Have you found this article useful? I tell you, these are practical solutions when you are camping. You might want to share this with your friends.

So, the next time you go camping and blast the night fun with a campfire, mornings will still be fresh and clean!

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