My Ultimate Adventure: Sailing and Camping In One

I am born a wanderer! I thought to spend my vacation a little different than it has been. Of course, backpacking was always on my list, but for sailing, it was my first. Have you ever tried sailing and camping on the same day? I did!

Let me share with you the vacation I will never forget.


Sailing and Camping In One

Time for Sailing

It was a perfect sunny day for a boat ride, feast, and camping on an island. It was hard to hide my excitement as we started the sailing adventure early in the morning when the heat of the sun is mild, and the temperature is colder.

Summer in the Philippines is indeed full of colors. In the province of Cebu where white sand beaches are in all corners, sailing is the primary recreation for the people. Boats for rent can be found in every destination and the price is quite reasonable. In fact, by the time you step foot at the location, boatmen rush to greet you hoping to get a good deal.

What are the perks that goes with sailing?

In Cebu, you can enjoy these common activities waiting for locals and foreigners alike.

  1. Island hopping
  2. Dolphin watching
  3. Diving with whale sharks
  4. Fish feeding

If you are lucky enough, there might be a town fiesta nearby where display of food delicacies and entertainment abounds.

As we reached the Oslob shoreline, the rays of the sun were slowly creeping in to bring the light. I saw the smiling boatman patiently waiting for us. My adventure had begun when I started walking into that makeshift bamboo bridge to reach the boat. The sea level that day was excellent for the scheduled island hopping.

We rented a “pambot” (pump boat in Filipino), a traditional fishing boat that has a solid wood frame and an outboard engine to blast us to the sea. I felt dizzy for a moment as I adjusted to the swaying of the boat. I thought it  would ruin my first sailing venture. However, when everyone settled, and the motor started, the breeze and the smell of the sea energized me.

 “Bangka” is a traditional fishing boat in the Philippines.

“Bangka” is a traditional fishing boat in the Philippines.

Surprisingly, sailing is just like riding a rollercoaster. It goes up and down, as the boat float against the waves. As it went up, I caught a glimpse of the surrounding islets with its coconut trees and nipa huts below. I shuddered when seawater splashes at my face and when the boat seemed to hide in between big waves.

I was lying to myself when I said I was fine. But the truth can be seen all over my face. I felt like dying in every bounce. I was cold and wanted to puke.

I take this chance to share some tips on how to keep yourself from getting seasick. I tell you it was not my best experience.

  1. Take time to rest before sailing. You are vulnerable to being seasick when you are tired.

  2. Take antiemetic drugs an hour before sailing to prevent motion sickness.

  3. Choose a spot where there is space and plenty of fresh air.

  4. Don’t sail with an empty stomach.

  5. Keep yourself away from stimuli that can cause nausea.  

  6. It helps to know your itinerary and being familiar of your sailing route.

Grilling seafood for a meal is a norm during Cebu Island Hopping.

Grilling seafood for a meal is a norm during Cebu Island Hopping.

We reached the part where we can see whale sharks. Surrounding our small boat were giants that are big and small, with dark, spotted colors at their back. I was frantic, but when others jumped in to swim with the whales, I knew they were harmless.

Sailing gave me the sense of refreshing vibes carried by the coolness of the breeze, the rhythm of the waves, and the unique scent of the waters.  I found new freedom similar to what I have in the mountains. My passion for camping offers the same independence, but with sailing, it was a different world.

The quiet and clean white sand beaches of Oslob, Cebu.

The quiet and clean white sand beaches of Oslob, Cebu.

Time for Camping

I did not feel the exhaustion, not until the boat sailed afloat a nearby island called Sumilon where we camped for the night. The beach was of white sand and the waters were so clear I could even see corals and colorful fishes beneath.

Our boat anchored just nearby; we can swim and reach it if we can. I packed my handy solo tent since everyone brought their own too. Before the sun sets, I pitched my tent when temperature started getting cold and our tummy rumbled asking for food.

After a long day and scrumptious dinner, it was calming to sit and talk about the sailing experience around the campfire. Since it was chilly, some of us in the group are seasoned campers, so we shared some techniques on how to keep warm in the tent.

After midnight swimming and stargazing, we decided to call it a night. With the hype of sailing and the delightful beach camp, we dozed off hoping for another smooth sailing trip back home. The next day, I was packing, dreaming for another sailing adventure. I guess, my first won’t be my last after all!

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