Eureka Tents Reviews: Which One Should You Choose?


Over the past few years, Eureka has become one of the most trusted and well-known brands on the market, while maintaining its reputation for producing high-quality tents. Also, I like this brand because of its expedition tents that are better than its hundreds of competitors.

Eureka also guarantees cost-efficiency once you buy any of its tents as they will give you the best protection that you need and will not let you down. Furthermore, this brand, in my opinion, is probably your best choice when making a tent purchase.


Since Eureka has a variety of styles of tents, I am writing this Eureka tents reviews for you to know the best products that Eureka offers.

If you are looking for a backpacking tent or a family tent, keep on reading this article as you are about to discover the excellent Eureka tents that are all perfect for your next outdoor experience.

Eureka Backpacking Tents

1. Eureka! Apex 2XT Two-Person Tent

Eureka! Apex 2XT Two-Person Tent


If you are looking for a three-season backpacking tent for two persons, Eureka! Apex 2XT Two-Person Tent is surely your best choice. 

It provides enough storage space and full vestibules on every side (6.7 square foot apiece) for putting your gears in the right place. It has excellent ventilation, and it also balances maximal thermal efficiency.

When I bought this product, I was very happy because it contains a wall perfect for stargazing. The other walls of this tent are waterproof, and the mesh wall is responsible for protecting me from any inclement weather.

Apart from its walls that satisfies anyone who will use it, it also offers a factory-taped, bathtub floor.

I was also glad to witness that this two-pole, free-standing tent is easy and quick to set up. It has a ring and pin attachments, color-coded webbing, durable shock-corded fiberglass frame, and pole sleeve attachments.

This two-person outdoor shelter also contains a poke out the vent in the sidewall that gives an extra ventilation when needed.

This backpacking tent has clothesline loop, flashlight loop, two doors, two windows, stake bags, pole, twin track zippers for separate operation of the door's window, two mesh gear pockets for internal storage.

One of the downsides of this Eureka tent is that you might be needing an additional floor for this tent so that you won't get wet due to the thinness of its original floor. Furthermore, if you are camping while heavy rainstorm is roaring, this expedition tent may not be the best one for you.


  • Roomy enough for tall people and partners
  • Easy to setup
  • Perfect for warm weather camping
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Has enough room for gears in vestibule


  • Might not be the best tent for heavy rainstorms
  • An extra floor may be necessary

2. Eureka Midori 2 Tent

Eureka Midori 2 Tent


This amazing Eureka tent is easy and fast to setup because it contains a lightweight aluminum two-pole frame, clips, post, and grommet assembly.

I also discovered that this tent has hooded fly vents and mesh panels in its body for air circulation. It also uses mesh walls that offers an opportunity for stargazing.

This Eureka product also offers its new V3 Enhanced Tent System that improves ventilation, volume, and end user versatility by maximizing fly, tent body, frame, and guy-out design features.

What I like about this Eureka tent is that it possesses full-coverage fly for protection from all weather and a bathtub floor that protects the user against splashing and standing water. The trapezoidal floor shape of the tent narrows on one end to lessen weight when you are catty it.

This product of Eureka contains one door and one attached storage vestibule. The one large side entry door is not difficult to use and protected from any rain by the vestibule.

This tent also features its vertical strut at the vestibule's front that creates an additional storage volume, and its vectored fly-to-tent body pullouts improve the flow of the air between fabric layers. When you purchase Eureka Midori Two tent, you will have gear loft, tent stakes, adjustable hooded fly vent, and interior pockets for stuff.

Although this tent has mesh walls for good ventilation, some are complaining that this outdoor dome is not the right tent for warm environments. Furthermore, you may find the stakes of the tent quick to bend.


  • Fast and easy to setup
  • Offers V3 Enhanced Tent System
  • Lightweight
  • Zippers glide perfectly
  • Has reasonable price
  • Can withstand heavy rains


  • Might not be the best choice for sunny environments
  • Tent stakes get easily bend

3. Eureka Timberline Two Tent

Eureka Timberline Two Tent


As many tents nowadays come in many designs and styles, Eureka Timberline Tent's classic A-frame design has been a well-known tent buyer's choice for many years as it already has over one million sales. The number of sales alone already proves that this product is one of the best that you can acquire.

This Eureka tent has been in the business for over 30 years, and it is popular for being the type of tent that is durable with no-nonsense design. I got my own Eureka Timberline Two Tent in 1993; it always provides me my camping needs and protects me from the elements.

Apart from backpacking, this expedition tent is also suitable for base camping and car camping. Most of the time, I use it for car camping, and it stays stable in rain and wind. If you are looking for a three season tent that is good for two persons, this tent is probably a great choice.

The interior conveniences that you can get from this outdoor shelter are its two mesh pockets and two gear loft/clothesline attachments.

Whenever I construct and take down this tent, it only takes more or less 5 minutes because of its five poles that are very intuitive to use. Sounds great, isn't?

I also appreciate that it came to me with a tent, rain fly, stakes, and poles. It also has a bag which is large enough for the tent. The aluminum poles have a great construction. I also have no problems with the zippers.

The disadvantage that I noticed about this product is that it has no vestibules that you can use for gear storage. Furthermore, even though this backpacking tent is lightweight for some, others might find this tent heavy.


  • Simple to set up
  • Sturdy
  • Inexpensive
  • Can withstand strong rainfalls
  • Has well-constructed aluminum poles


  • No vestibules
  • Can be too heavy for most backpackers

4. Eureka Midori Solo - 1 Person Tent

Eureka Midori Solo - 1 Person Tent


If you are looking for a backpacker who is looking for a tent that is affordable, can last long, can keep you dry, and is capable of fighting strong winds, this Eureka tent is the best one for you.

Fortunately, I was able to see this particular tent in person when I backpacked with my friend. The opening door of this outdoor shelter is large, and it makes easy for my friend to get in and out since she is a tall person.

Though it is only a one-person tent, it is roomier inside than other one-person tents. This tent may not be the lightest backpacking tent for some, but it can stand up against almost any harsh winds and has great ventilation. 

It also contains a vestibule room perfect for storing your gear so that you will not worry about getting them wet. Once you purchase this tent, you will also receive a free gear loft.

There are two interior pockets in this tent for the user's stuff. Furthermore, the design of this product is freestanding; hence, it is easy and fast to set up. Once you have set this tent up, you can move it easily.

This tent maximizes volume abilities and ventilation because of its V3 system which means that the manufacturer maximizes rain fly, frame, tent body as well external guy-outs to meet the needs of end users.

It also has a full coverage fly to provide the maximum protection possible while the shock-corded aluminum poles and the clips make setting up and taking down an easy task. All these good qualities make this tent popular. However, because of its color, dirt also become very visible. Also, some backpackers find it expensive.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong enough to withstand harsh weathers
  • Offers excellent ventilation
  • Spacious for one person
  • Full coverage fly maximizes protection


  • Dirt is easy to see because of its color
  • Can be expensive for some backpackers who have a limited budget

Eureka tents for team or family

1. Eureka Copper Canyon 6-person tent

Eureka Copper Canyon 6-person tent


If you have a huge family, Eureka also has a shelter to offer. This tent will be your second home when you venture in the wild because it can accommodate a group of adults. It can even fit you even if you are a six-footer, and you can still walk around in comfortably.

Apparently, size is its major advantage. However, the good features do not stop there because this tent is water resistant, making you feel safe. The doors and windows zip up. It also has a full mesh roof, providing you an excellent air circulation even when the rain fly is on.

Copper Canyon consists mainly of steel poles and polyester fabric. Its construction is durable and unique because its tent walls are vertical, making it appear like a real house. When the wind becomes strong, just use the guylines to makes sure that everything is in one piece.

The only complaints I hear from my fellow backpackers who already used this tent is that it is too heavy which is no surprise because of its size. Some also recommend that it should have a thicker floor.


  • Ideal for family or group of six
  • Water resistant
  • Has durable construction
  • Excellent ventilation because of its full mesh roof


  • Heavyweight
  • Floor should be thicker

2. Eureka! Copper Canyon 4-person tent

EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 - 4 Person Tent


If your family is not too big, Eureka Copper Canyon has this another quality and suitable tent for you. This tent also has vertical walls, making it a perfect item to use for four persons because it maximizes liveability as well as space inside.

One of the unique features of this tent is its zippered E! Power Port which is useful because it allows you to bring and use electrical cord inside your tent. Also, another thing I like about this outdoor shelter is its ease of setup.

When we first use this tent, we had a problem because we did not know where to put our gears. However, we eventually discovered its High-stash pockets which allowed us to keep our things safe and near to us. It also utilizes a gear loft overhead inside the tent which you can also use to store your other stuff.

Storm guy out pockets stows guy lines on the tent's fly when you set it up or take it down while the bathtub floor helps wrap up the sides of the tent, protecting it against standing and splashing water.

Overall, this tent is perfect for any family of four; however, as with any other product, some minimal disadvantages are inevitable. My brother wishes it had more than one door. Some also complain about the floor material which does not seem durable.


  • Ideal for family or group of four
  • Spacious
  • Easy to set up
  • Useful High-stash pockets for keeping gears
  • Bathtub floor protect sleepers from splashing and standing waters


  • Has only one door
  • Should use more durable floor materials


Did you enjoy reading my product review about Eureka tents?

I know there are a lot of bad tents on the market, and you might also don't know what tent you should buy. However, what I can suggest is that you may focus on the products of Eureka especially the ones that I mentioned in this review.

Some of the tents produced by Eureka have been my best friend in the wilderness, and I can attest that the tents that I presented in this article are working at their best.

If you want to try the excellence in quality that Eureka tents possess, I suggest that you read this review again and focus on your needs so that you would end up with the best tent for you.

If you think this Eureka tents review is useful for your search of the best tents, please don't hesitate to write your comments in the comments section below. You can also share this Eureka tents reviews with your friends.

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