The Best Hammock Tarps 2019: A Complete Guide for Campers


When it comes to backpacking, my priority is protection from the elements. 

So when buying a suitable equipment, I am particular about the quality and budget. The bright side is, a variety of choices is now available in the market. I can own one, with a reasonable price and high quality at the same time.

Since hammocks are convenient for me, I find it practical to invest in hammock tarps. I consider this piece of fabric essential. It shields me from the heat of the sun, wind, and rain.

If you are not yet familiar with hammock tarps, it is the fabric that covers your hammock to protect you.

As a regular backpacker, I am sharing with you an ultimate guide for the best hammock tarps.


The Best Hammock Tarps 2018

1. Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly-Rain Tarp

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly - Rain Tarp


Being a camper, I always include the hammock rainfly on my checklist. For me, missing to bring it is a disaster. Protection is vital when I’m there in the wild.

Hennessy hammock rain tarp qualifies in every aspect when it comes to protection. There is no worthy sleep for me without it. It’s even compatible with all hammocks model available.

Initially, I was concerned about the cost, yet with so many positive reviews about this product, I bought it without second thoughts. Of course, this hammock tarp proved that the price is reasonable because of its strength and flexibility. My relaxation always ends up in sweet dreams.

One feature that I like to highlight is the laidback fit for the corner tie lines. It was no sweat fitting them into the corner pockets underside of the fly. Completely hassle-free.

The PU coated polyester rainfly is a shield for me from the harsh natural elements. Aside from its durability, it just weighs 27 oz. That carrying it is fairly a breeze.

Well, out there in the woods, you’ll never know what ideas come to mind. I can set it up to provide a vast space for a shelter for an outdoor kitchen, or merely a shade for the group to relax. Versatility is a big help.

I am pleased with my hammock tarp. It’s with me for long now. I recommend this if you are looking for a high-quality product with the sensible price.


  • It is the best deal of such a size.
  • It is easy to pack.
  • Very waterproof
  • Easy to set up


  • The lines that come with it is so thin.

2. Camp is Easy- Waterproof Rip Resistant Camping Tarp/Hammock Rain Fly

Waterproof Rip Resistant Camping Tarp For Any weather. Perfect Tent cover Or Hammock Rain Fly. Use For Shelter Or Sunshade. Ultralight And Portable Nylon Fabric. Great For Hiking, Backpacking & Travel


The first time I used my hammock, I did not have a tarp. With the unpredictable weather, I ended up relocating to a shady spot to protect myself from the glary sun or find shelter to a friend’s tent when it rained. Imagine my envy to my fellow campers who were comfortable with their rainfly.

Camp is Easy was mostly recommended by friends who were using tarps long enough. However, I have meant to try it already. Per my observation, its water resistant, ultralight, and portable nylon fabric work great for backpacking. I didn’t hesitate because I knew I couldn’t get wrong.

The rainfly is suitable for any hammocks out there. It’s noticeably light and portable.

The tarp is big enough to protect a few of us from the rain. I was amazed that we survived such a robust pour and wind. With its reinforced corners, it was completely resistant to tearing and ripping.

Another reason why this product is my second choice is the fact that it comes with a casual tarp bag. It is so compact and well organized. It can fit the complete setup set inside. It’s excellent for camping or backpacking.

What’s more, it offers a warranty and money back guarantee. So if you’re looking for an alternative, I suggest picking this one. It’s durable, comfy and safe.


  • The shape allows spacious and complete coverage.
  • The stakes are sturdy and functional.
  • Color does not fade
  • Set up instructions are easy to follow.


  • The little hooks slips and the line get slack.
  • No color options

3. Vigor- Waterproof Tent Tarp

Vigor Waterproof Tent Tarp 10x10ft Multi-function Camping Shelter, RipStop Rainfly, Snow Cover, Picnic Mat - Easy Set Up


I did not realize the importance of a hammock tarp until I finally experienced the discomfort without it. The first thing I did when I got home after an unrestful camping was to search the best hammock tarp there is.

However, when financially limited, searching was challenging. This Vigor hammock rainfly offered the features I needed without breaking my budget. I must say that its good qualities are almost comparable to others.

This lightweight and portable tarp are precisely 1.12 pounds. It’s convenient to fold and carry on backpacking trips. It features a bilateral swallow-tailed design that ensures good ventilation.

Hammock tarps are excellent heat and cold protection. The 210T rip stop parachute nylon fabric is waterproof.

Surprisingly, it provides a brochure that shows how to use it for different purposes. It could be a tarp or a picnic mat.

So when times are tough when it comes to money, I certainly recommend Vigor. Not only is it affordable, but it is also a multi-purpose and durable.


  • It shades a big space
  • Very good deal
  • The rope is light reflective
  • Has lots of accessories included.
  • Light and small when packed.


  • The sewn-seams near where the rope is tied stretches.

4. Eagles Nest Outfitters

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - SingleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for One


Certainly, I deserve a little bit of luxury. It is not all the time that I can buy a product that is known to be high by standards when it comes to quality. ENO hammock tarps were my dream like many backpackers have.

Now that I have one, surely it did justice to its popularity and the price that goes with it. Not even once did I regret to spend some extra budget. The price is reasonable for a durable and versatile tarp.

What makes it one of the best?

The dry fly rain tarp gives a long-lasting wear with outstanding water shedding capabilities. And since it is large, it covers an enormous area for shelter. It offers a roomy interior with sufficient headroom.

Now, who doesn’t care about weight? I always pick lightweight equipment for hiking comfort. This tarp only weighs 22 ounces and comes with a convenient built-in stuff stack making it so portable during my trips.

It’s time to give yourself a treat. I just did.


  • Easy to set up
  • It compresses very small to fit inside the backpack.


  • Don’t have many colors to choose from.

What is the importance of a Hammock Tarp?

  • Keeps us dry from the rain.
  • Gives shade from the heat of the sun.
  • Shelters us from the cold wind.
  • Gives enough comfort by providing large space coverage.
  • Provides privacy
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight compared to tents
  • Maximum protection from natural elements.
  • Allows a comfortable sleep

Available Tarp Shapes

1. Rectangular- is the traditional favorite. It covers huge spaces but of course, is heavy and big.

2. Square- like the rectangular tarps, there are different sizes offered in the market. The most sellable are the small ones. They are light to carry and are suitable for backpackers.

3. Hexagon- with the reputation of the mostly used hammock tarp by campers, it is light, small and is versatile in any weather condition.

4. Diamond- designed to pair with asymmetrical hammocks.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider Before Buying Hammock Tarps?

Well, buying is sometimes confusing. It is true especially when there are so many choices available in the market. To help you decide on what to bring home, you might like to check on this buying guide.


There are different outlines when it comes to tarps. Each shape is designed to offer a different coverage. The number of anchor points for set up is also dependent significantly on its shape. So find the style that would suit your need, comfort, and convenience.



You can pick any tarp style you like, and it would not matter at all. But it is vital that you ensure the coverage would be massive enough to accommodate the space you need. Before you buy, see the size specs first.

Ideally, 8 inches past the edges of your hammock is already sufficient. Or, if it’s much easier, a tarp that is three times larger than your hammock will do. Just remember, the larger you want your tarp to be, the bigger space it requires and the heavier it gets.


Two common materials that are used for tarps. The blue polyethylene and silnylon tarp.

  • Blue Polyethylene- is the most affordable and sturdy. But for backpackers, this could be heavy. It also occupies a big space in your bag. It’s a good thing if you’re car camping, but if you love hiking, this could be a problem. It also creates noise during the folding. Better look for an alternative if noise is a big deal to you.
  • Rindgelines tarp- this material is what is commonly used for hammock tarps. It is light and does not take up much space in your backpack. This rain-fliers are expensive yet so sturdy and waterproof, it would justify the price.


I consider this factor as my priority. Backpacking trips for me are usually to the wilds. Durable equipment is your best friend when worst conditions happen. Check the quality of the product first before buying.

Usually, it has an “A” grade material. It should be weather resistant and does not easily get worn out. Choose a fabric that you can clean quickly since the outdoors typically do not offer the comforts at home.

Ridge Lines

There are two kinds of ridgelines to choose from.

  • End-only ridgelines- removes the ropes between the tie-outs of the hammock and lessens the heaviness of the tarp.
  • Full-length ridgelines- you need to set up this kind initially, so the rest of the procedure would be simpler. It would make your tarp light but bringing them would mean additional bulk.

Guy lines

Just to make it sure that your locomotion is comfortable under the tarp, it should be 6 feet long the slightest.



It is self-explanatory it may seem that the higher is the standards of the build quality, the efficient, durable and useful will the product be. The longevity also depends on it. And take note that when the product is guaranteed to be good in quality, the price is similarly high along with it.

Tips for Backpackers Who Love to Use Tarps:

  • Tie the tarp similar to an A-frame top if you want a little bit of sunshine to get through.

  • You can utilize folding tent poles to make it easy for you to wrap your ropes into a higher level around the tree that is, if you want a higher type set up.
  • For extra space, hang the tarp off beside your hammock. You can use it to shelter the rest of your gears.

However, tarps that are not correctly set-up can be much of a disadvantage to you rather than useful. Be sure you learn how to do it right. It would be more fun to watch a video on how to set up a hammock tarp. Here is a video for you:


Using hammock tarps makes the life of backpackers easy and safe. I am grateful to have this camping accessory. It is not only a source of comfort in my sleep but also protection from harsh weather.

There may be a lot of designs to choose from in the market nowadays but still what I like best is the Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly-Rain Tarp. It is the best pick among the rest because it has the all the factors that I need to consider for the best hammock tarp. Durable and with reasonable price, it definitely is a perfect shade for a good night sleep.

Have you decided on what to pick? I have reviewed all of the hammock tarps that were selected from among the best. They all have the highest rate of customer reviews. Whatever, you choose, it is a winner.

I hope this article is a big help for you in choosing the best hammock tarp for your backpacking adventures. I certainly thought this would also help in making you understand what a tarp is.

One tip though, make sure you own a hammock first.

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