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When you are going on an outdoor adventure such as backpacking, hiking, or camping, one of the items that you should bring with you is a sleeping bag liner that you can use as your stand-alone sleeping bag during warm nights or an addition to your sleep system.

The great thing about many sleeping bag liners is that they are very small and lightweight which is a very important feature when you are going on an outdoor journey.

However, sleeping bag liners have differences which will make you dissatisfied if you don't choose the best sleeping bag liner and if you purchase the product that doesn't fit your needs and your preference.

To help you decide which sleeping bag to purchase, I listed and reviewed in this article each excellent sleeping bag liner that is currently available on the market.


Why Should You Buy Sleeping Bag Liners?

If you travel frequently, you might be going from hostel to another to sleep. There are also a lot of other travelers like you who do the same thing, so imagine how many sleepers occupy the beddings of these hostels each day.

Just thinking about this fact makes cleanliness of these beddings questionable.

However, with the use of bag liners, you can keep yourself separated from these beddings which possibly also have bedbug infestations. For this reason, many hostels also require visitors to bring their sleeping bag liner.

As a backpacker, however, you surely know how difficult it is to clean a sleeping bag; however, you still have to maintain it for a less stressful sleep. You can eliminate this work by getting a sleeping liner which is a lot easier to clean than a sleeping bag.

Because sleeping bag liners reduce the need to wash your sleeping bag, it also allows your sleeping bag to live longer.

Without a doubt, buying a sleeping bag liner saves you time and effort while offering a clean thing to sleep on as well. However, its most important benefit is warmth.

Having a 3 or 4 season sleeping bag does not guarantee that you will feel the heat that you will have a cozy and warm enough sleep especially when the temperature begins to drop quickly.

Sleeping bag liners will surely enhance the heat that you feel and add to the warmth that your sleeping bag already gives.

At times, if you want to adjust the heat that you feel, you need necessarily bring another sleeping bag but just another sleeping bag liner which is a lot more portable and lighter.

Sleeping bag liner is also one of the most versatile outdoor equipment I have come across. You can use it on top of a sleeping bag or inside it. You can also use it as a stand-alone sheet.

Here is a good video about that will help you understand why sleeping bag liners are important on your trip:

The Best Sleeping Bag Liners For Your Outdoor Adventures

After careful assessment of various products I have used and come across, here is a list of my top 4 sleeping bag liners.

1. Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners

Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners


When somebody asks me what sleeping bag liner is the best when the weather is cold, my answer is always Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece as it is one of the warmest bag liners in the market.

What I like about this product is it can accommodate multiple sleepers because it comes in a two-pack offering; hence, it is very affordable than other sleeping bag liners.

Often, I use this amazing liner with my favorite sleeping bag when I trek, and I also use it as a standalone solution when the temperature rating is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you purchase and use this excellent fleece-made sleeping gear, you will feel that it is soft and pleasant when it touches your skin.

When I am camping, hiking, or backpacking while dealing with frigid climate, I always feel more cozy and comfortable using this liner than with other products that are also great in cold weather conditions.

Even though this sleeping bag liner is versatile, the weight of it might not be great for some backpackers. Furthermore, it has a strong chemical smell when it comes to other fleece liners, and you have to wash it a few times so you can get rid of the smell.


  • check
    Excellent sleeping bag liner for cold conditions
  • check
    Soft and pleasant against the skin
  • check
    Very affordable
  • check
    Can accommodate multiple sleepers
  • check
    Offers warmth and comfort
  • check


  • Bulky
  • Has strong chemical smell

2. Coleman Stratus Adult Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

Coleman Stratus Adult Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner


Like many sleeping bag liners, this product gives warmth and comfort. It can keep you comfortable in places that have a temperature of as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and it also enhances the thermal protection by up to 12 degrees to almost all full-sized sleeping bags.

This fleece sleeping bag liner also contains a two-way patented ZipPlow system that helps to plow away fabric so you can prevent snagging when zipping. Also, it has an elastic stuff sack and storage strap so that the packing and transport will be easy for you.

This full-sized sleeping bag liner measures 33 inches by 75 inches, and it fits almost all sleeping bags. If you are tall or your height is 5 feet and 11 inches long, this Coleman's sleeping bag liner can accommodate you. Apart from that, this outdoor gear is very easy to clean as it is machine washable.

When you are backpacking, camping, or hiking in a place that you don't know how it will be, this outdoor sleeping gear is what you should bring. Furthermore, it is also a great accompaniment to most sleeping bags especially Coleman sleeping bags.

One drawback that I noticed about this product is that it is available in various colors; however, you cannot choose a color before your purchase. Furthermore, it has a strong chemical odor when it arrives, but it can disappear after you wash it.


  • check
    Not difficult to wash
  • check
    The fleece material is soft
  • check
    Easy packing and transport
  • check
    Provides warmth and comfort
  • check
    Enhances the thermal protection by up to 12 degrees
  • check
    Contains a two-way patented ZipPlow system


  • The smell of the chemical is strong
  • You can't choose the color you prefer in advance

3. OUTRY Cotton Travel and Camping Sheet

OUTRY Cotton Travel and Camping Sheet


Since this product has eight different colors and eight different sizes, you will not have a problem looking for the right sleeping bag liner for your next trek regardless of the number of people who will use it.

This soft and thin liner provide the most comfortable feeling that you could ever imagine. When the weather is warm, you can use this liner alone as your sleeping bag. It also eliminates the number of times that you have to clean your sleeping bag.

The zippered bottom that this liner contains has one side fully seamed while the other side opening has clips closure that is 26 inches from the pillow pouch's bottom, making slipping inside not difficult.

This sleeping bag liner's top part contains a cover for your pillow to be as clean as your sleeping bag. In this way, you only have to clean the cotton sleeping bag when you return home instead of having a difficulty cleaning your pillow and sleeping bag while not destroying their shape.

Like other sleeping bag liners, this cotton-made liner is also machine washable.

One disadvantage that you might see in this sleeping bag liner is that if you already experienced other easy-to-use liners, you might feel that this product is difficult to use compared to other sleeping bag liners


  • check
    Has eight different colors and eight different sizes
  • check
    Offers comfortability
  • check
    Reduces the need to wash your sleeping bag
  • check
    Machine washable
  • check
    Has a cover for your pillow


  • Might be difficult to use for you

4. Sea to Summit Insect Shield CoolMax® Adapter bag liner

Sea to Summit Insect Shield CoolMax® Adapter bag liner


If you are in places with warm, buggy, and humid situation, you can try using this product. It features an excellent moisture management and an insect protection that has no smell at all.

The EPA-registered and odorless Insect Shield® Repellent Gear for this product is what repels annoying insects like ticks, flies, fleas, and mosquitoes. If you don't want seeing insects during your outdoor sleep, I suggest that you should have this sleeping equipment.

The invisible built-in insect repellent of this sleeping gear, by the way, is effective upon its exposure to weathering until six months or upon washing it for more or less 25 times.

This Sea to Summit product is also proud of its CoolMax® polyester that gives quick-drying comfort and moisture-wicking. Apart from that, it provides lightweight, soft cotton. When you go hiking, backpacking or camping, you can you this liner use it as a part of your outdoor sleep system.

Maintaining you sleeping bag clean so you can save it from wear and tear of washing is very essential. As with any other sleeping bag liners, this liner also keeps the inside part of your sleeping bag clean.

The drawcord hood of this sleeping bag liner has a mini cord lock cinches around the face that helps to keep the warmth, and the mummy shaped liner provides a 3D foot box for your feet to have plenty of space.

When you order this outdoor equipment, you will also get a lightweight Ultra-Sil™ stuff sack.

With all of these features of this Sea to Summit liner, the disadvantages that I noticed are it might be pricey for some, and it is not the best sleeping bag liner for cold weather.


  • check
    Provides a lot of warmth
  • check
    Perfect for warm and humid situations
  • check
    Contains an odorless insect protection
  • check
    Excellent moisture management
  • check
  • check
    Easy to pack


  • Not the best liner for cold weather
  • May be pricey for some

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Sleeping Bag Liner

After learning the best products to choose from as well as their pros and cons, you probably already know which among the four items in our list is worth-buying based on your outdoor needs.

Before making an order, however, it is necessary to find out the things you have to take into account when getting a sleeping bag liner.

Remember this item will cost you money, and you just want to get one that is worth every penny. Do not worry as I will discuss each of this features thoroughly.


There are various types of materials manufacturers use in making sleeping bag liners, but the first consideration when selecting which one to buy is the climate of the place where you plan to camp or hike.

Some liners utilize silk. These sleeping bags are the best to use during summer conditions. They are also lightweight (one usually weighs 5 oz.); however, if you want extra warmth, it is not something that I would advise you to use.

Fleece line liners, on the other hand, are ideal to use if you want to do your adventure in cool places. It is soft, and it dries quickly. It also wicks moisture away. However, you might find the average- and heavy-weight a little bulky.

Some sleeping bag liners use cotton which is absorbent, strong, and durable. Sleeping bag liners that use cotton are among the most economical items that you can find.

You can also rely on an insulated liner if you want to increase the inside temperature of your sleeping. This type can add up to 12°F to 25°F of heat.

Polyester is light and durable; however, they may not be the most comfortable materials against the skin that you can find.

Polycotton is a combination of the breathability and softness of cotton and strength of polyester. It is lighter compared to cotton, but one thing I love about it is that it is very quick and easy to clean.

For humid conditions, the bag liners that I would recommend are the synthetics which are both breathable and moisture-wicking. Also, they give some stretch which is just perfect to use if you are someone who sleeps restlessly.



One thing you will find out when buying a sleeping bag liner is that they come in various shapes. Some manufacturers make and design sleeping liners that are for people of average height. However, some hikers and campers have considerably shorter or larger.

The good news is that manufacturers also come up with sleeping bags that are either too long or too short to accommodate these people.

Make sure the sleeping bag fits your height


There are two main shapes of sleeping bag liners, and it is important to know how they are different from each other to help you decide which you think is more suitable for you.

The first shape is the standard or rectangular shape. It fits almost all types of rectangular sleeping bags, and its sides are straight as well. The second shape is the mummy style which is thin at the feet and wide at the shoulders, giving a snug fit. Some mummy liners also have hoods which provide additional head coverage when necessary.

Choose the suitable shape for you


Even sleeping bags that are thin will surely add warmth to your sleepings bag. However, when sleeping outside during snow season, thin materials may not work. For this reason, it is always crucial to check the materials that make up your sleeping bag liner and know which one will make you stay warm.

As with any products, thick materials are warmer compared to thin ones. Temperature ratings will also be a lot helpful when deciding if the liner that you intend to buy will provide you enough amount of warmth during your trip, so make sure to see if your liner has one.

Purchase a liner that can provide you the amount of warmth you need



My last consideration when shopping for a sleeping bag liner is the price. I honestly do not mind buying a bit expensive liners as long as they will keep me warm.

Whether a sleeping bag liner will be pricey or not often depends on their fabrics. Insulated, or silk liners are the most costly that you can find. Meanwhile, cotton cost the least. Microfleece or synthetic fabrics are moderately priced.

Brand name also affects the price. One tip that I can give if you have a limited budget is to assess the types of materials that you can buy and select from based on the anticipated temperatures; afterward, you can decide after knowing the price of each.

Choose liners that have reasonable price and  do not compromise your needs.


Other features

After understanding the basic considerations when buying sleeping bag liners, you may also want to consider few other features which will surely enhance your outdoor sleeping experience.

If you own a winter sleeping bag, it perhaps contains a hood which makes your head feel warmer at night. I suggest that you pair this with a sleeping liner that also has this excellent head covering when it is freezing to have the best insulation possible.

Did you know that some sleeping bag liners have a bug-repellent coating? These types of liners are extremely helpful to stay away from biting insects and mosquitoes when hiking or camping in humid areas.

Last is a pillowcase liner. Often, bringing your comfortable backpacking pillow may not be a problem; however, there may be times when you forget to bring one, or just intend not to carry them because you already have too much to bring.

So, you just borrow one from your fellow hiker, but you are not sure how clean it is. However, some sleeping bag liners come with sleeping case liner which keeps pillows of questionable cleanliness from touching your skin.

Hood is one of the added features  of some sleeping bag liners


All of these sleeping bag liners are great options as they can all help you keep your sleeping bag clean. I suggest that you think carefully about the important considerations that we mentioned before landing on a decision to have the right sleeping bag liner for you.

Anyways, you can always check this review as your guide.

Even though these products I reviewed are all working at their best, if I were to choose which product is the best sleeping bag liner for anyone, I would select Bundle Monster Microfiber Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner.

I said so because of its relatively high warmth rating, flexible sleeping arrangement, and reasonable price. On top of these features, this sleeping bag liner is very versatile since it also fits not only my sleeping bag but also my dearest hammock.

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