The Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock 2019: Make Camping a Luxury

best sleeping pad for hammock

Give me time to nap in my hammock, and I bet you will have difficulty in waking me up. I doze off and snore as I please, and you will regret it. I only use the best sleeping pad for a hammock. The comfort makes me snooze in a snap.

Are you planning on hammock camping? I know what you want!


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Product Name




Eco Tek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad




X-Lounger Ultralight Sleeping Pad




GREEN-Tec USA Premium Self-inflating Sleeping Pad




Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad


The Top Four (4) of the Finest Sleeping Pads for Hammock 2018: Review and Buyer’s Guide

1) Eco Tek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad


I am an outdoor person and is a fan of minimalists. Sleeping in a hammock for me is the most practical and modest way of exploring the wild. Eco Tek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad makes me feel like we share the same perspective. This sleeping pad is the best for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

The patent-pending contoured flex-cell design of pads is excellent for sleeping bags and hammocks. The soft pad itself outlines the shape of my body and ergonomically supports all the pressure points. When I am in it, the hexagon engineered pattern insulation keeps well-balanced surface support that guards me against the ground and ambient temperatures.

Eco Tek pads feature a 10-15 breath rapid inflation and deflation valve. I purposely place it near my headrest so I can efficiently manage adjustment of the firmness while lying down. Even though I move a lot while above, the premium quality woven polyester has a slip resistant bottom that stays put and does not make any noise.

Besides, the ultimate ultralight sleeping pad has superior protection from tear and leaks. You can use it for a hammock or a chair. What do you think of my best pick? 


  • check
    Sturdy and well-made
  • check
    Longer than the standard pads on the market
  • check
    The valve is easy to inflate and deflate.
  • check
    It packs small.
  • check
    Reasonable price


  • Not advisable for warm weather
  • It is too thin, not suitable for side sleeper.

2) X-Lounger Ultralight Sleeping Pad


How long have you been hammock camping? With all the different ways of camping, I say hammock is my favorite. It is easy to set up, and so versatile not to mention its lightweight and space saving. That is why I like X-Lounger Ultralight Sleeping Pad to be my second choice.

X-lounger pads have an innovation buckle design built-in pillow. The 4” thick pillow itself is an ergonomic strategy being U-shape to relieve neck stress and comfort. Say goodbye to annoying slipping pillows and extra packs.

What makes me confident in using this pad? The 2” thick inflatable sleeping pad has a high- quality 20D nylon with TPU coating waterproof, tear-resistant, moisture proof material that protects me from fatal falls. As I often camp out with my family, the pads are easy for kids and elders to handle. It inflates in a few breaths and deflates quickly.

You will like X-Lounger Multi-purpose Sleeping bags is suitable for sleeping bags, hammocks, and tents and even for a picnic blanket. It performs better in air-tightness, tears and moisture resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. This alternative pick is perfect for backpacking, camping and hiking travels.


  • check
    Extremely durable compared to typical camping pad
  • check
    Lightweight and packs to a small size
  • check
    Easy to use and comfortable to sleep on
  • check
    Pockets were perfectly spaced with plenty of padding.
  • check
    Easy to fold
  • check
    Material is durable
  • check
    Great value


  • The pad does not hold the air for long. You need to blow again the following morning.

3) GREEN-Tec USA Premium Self-inflating Sleeping Pad


It is vital that I get the paramount security against ground water and rain as well as the opportunity of relishing openness, fresh air, and relaxing sleep when outdoors. GREEN-Tec USA Premium Self-inflating Sleeping Pad, fortunately, offers these luxuries for camping, hiking, and traveling. This inflatable foam-sleeping pad is lightweight, compact and durable. If you are a camper with a limited budget, this may be the choice for you.

Do you have a mummy or envelope sleeping bag? The 1.5” thick ergonomic sleeping pads are just the right size to fit in. The cushion is firm enough to provide comfort for your neck, back, and body. The comfort adds well because of the heavy duty water resistant 75D polyester and foam that assures durability in any season.

I gave this pad to my 8-yr old niece for her summer camp. The portable pad is lightweight and compact that she can squeeze it in inside her backpack. The design is a bit wider for an active kid to move, twist and find a comfortable position. It quickly expands in just a few breaths, so it is great for kids, adults and camping with dogs.


  • check
    Perfect length for a 6-footer
  • check
    Small pack size
  • check
    Fairly comfortable
  • check
    Very affordable
  • check
    The self-inflating feature is nice and convenient.
  • check
    It unfolds easily.
  • check
    Great quality pad


  • It is a self-inflating pad, but you need to blow extra air to firm it up.
  • When you roll the pad, it compresses the foam and expels the air.

4) Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad


The three major concerns when hammock camping are insects, temperature and backaches. As a solution, I ensure that I use the best hammock sleeping pads every trip. Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad is an answered prayer when it comes to this but also a bit shock to my budget. I got the newest improved pack for this most famous camping pad, and it sure performs the finest. No regrets!

Carrying the pads at my back is quite easy since it is unbelievably light and compact. The new high-end lighter 30D Polyester material makes it a smaller pack size and weight. It is reasonably lesser compared to other air mattresses and self-inflating pads of the same size and thickness. You see, in my every backpacking exploration, every ounce counts.

Klymit sleeping pads have a V-Chamber design that limits air movement and heat loss and at the same time offers better support and comfort. Integrated into the patterned construction, the side rails give security by inhibiting air movement even when I toss and turn. The 75D material provides superior tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance.

These versatile sleeping pads with anti-microbial laminate are great for hammock camping, ground and cot as well. The sleeping pads are a bit pricey, but if you are an avid backpacker, it is a perfect choice for camping in luxury.


  • check
    The pad hold on the air without any leaks.
  • check
    It packs small
  • check
    Comfortable to sleep on
  • check
    The side rail helps in keeping you on the pad.
  • check
    Skinny but tough
  • check
    It has a built-in repair kit.
  • check
    The V-design hold its form all through the night without losing air volume.
  • check
    Compresses down to a convenient size
  • check
    Easy to set-up and repack


  • Less durable
  • Does not have a ball-and-socket mechanism to lock the air in at every breath.
  • Deflating takes time and effort.

The Best Sleeping Pad for Hammock 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Sleeping on the ground is unthinkable for me particularly when I am on the trail for days. That is why I prefer hammock since it holds me off the chilly and slippery ground. However, to maximize the benefits of using a hammock, I make sure to bring with me sleeping pads to provide more comfort.

Let me guide you on how to choose the best sleeping pads for a hammock.

Choosing the best sleeping pad for your hammock:

Before you pick those sleeping pads, try to consider these aspects to ensure the best choice for you. A buying guide is essential to save time, effort and money. You can check factors to bring home the sleeping bag that suits you.

1) Pack weight

The size and weight of the product are significant. When backpacking, the lighter the weight of the backpack, the less strain it gives to your back. Hiking for hours is not easy when you are carrying a heavy load.

2) Pack Size

Staying in the wild gives us limitations when it comes to packing. We put into priority not only the weight but the size of the sleeping size as well. The lesser load I bring, the faster and easier for me to camp. The smaller the pack, the better to give room for other things to fit in.

3) Warmth (R-value) and Insulation

Hammock sleeping pads must keep me warm and protect me from harsh weather. Upon choosing, check the R-value of the product. Pick the kind that has the R-value that is right for your camping temperature. It determines how well the sleeping pad insulation can shield you from the weather.

4) Shell material

Sleeping pads can be “air” or “foam” type. The air kind may be pricey, but it is compact and comfortable but can puncture while moving. Foam kind is less costly but bulky during packing and does not last long.

5) Proper length and width

I am a side sleeper so my first few try on my hammock was a disaster. Pick a sleeping pad that can support your preferred sleeping position. I use the standard size pads, but if you are a back sleeper, an extra width means more comfort.

I also consider the length of the pads. If you are tall enough, the full-length pad may be the best fit for you. The pressure points when we sleep are the shoulder and hips area. So when considering the sleeping pad, it must cover all those parts. 

6) Sleeping pad shape and thickness

What shape do you like? Mummy shapes are minimal regarding space and weight. However, if your priority is to have enough space to move around, the large rectangular pad will support you.

7) Intended use

My hammock sleeping pads are for backpacking. Therefore, my prime objective is to move as fast as I can to catch up with my group. In this case, I need the lightweight and compact type. I search for a sleeping pad that can keep me warm at night and soft at the same time.

How about yours? 

8) Cost vs. performance

Budget determines the kind of hammock sleeping pads you can buy. However, plenty of affordable products are available on the market that can well serve the needs. Do not settle for cheaply made pads. It will not last long and would be a total waste.

9) Inflation

If I have to choose between inflatable and self-inflating pads, I go with the latter. They are more convenient than the foam type. The only problem with these sleeping bags is the danger of being punctured. Other than that, it is my best choice.

10) Noise and stability

Sleeping at night with a bunch of people outdoors is challenging. Some backpackers are light sleepers. A tiny bit of noise can wake them up. It is a factor to consider.

Find pads that are firm materials for stability. Eliminate the squeaking and crinkling noise. Buying a sleeping pad that comes with a repair kit is a big plus too.

11) Weather condition

When are you planning the trip? Remember that during colder nights, you need a sleeping pad that can absorb and recirculate heat thus keeping you warm and at ease.

Quilt VS Sleeping Pad: What is the difference?

If you are having a hard time choosing what to bring, here is a video explaining the difference between the two. Using an underquilt has its advantages as well as sleeping pads too.


Apparently, the winner amidst the best is the editor’s pick, Eco Tek Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad. I intend to use it for my next backpacking adventure. The plan would be for a few days mountain trail. I trust that this sleeping pad is the easiest product to bring, can keep me warm during the cold night and sturdy enough to endure frequent use.

With the best sleeping pads for a hammock that I have presented, you already have an idea of the leading products. Do not forget to peek on the comprehensive guide provided after the review to help you choose the sleeping pad that suits your need. Explore every factor vital for consideration.

Although my primary purpose is for backpacking, I am sure that, any of the top four (4) is outstanding and dependable. Any will be a perfect winner.

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