How to Fix Heel Slippage in Boots for Secure Hiking?

how to fix heel slippage in boots

Have you ever tried walking while your heel slips in your boots? Yeah, it was those awkward moments that you need to speed up each stride but cannot. Do you remember that uphill hiking? That was the worst!

How to fix heel slippage in boots so that you can go outdoors without being left behind? Fixing it means walking in safety and comfort. Do you need help?

Let me show you how!


What Do You Mean by Heel Slippage?

You call it heel slippage when your heel keeps on slipping out from your hiking boots. It slows you down from walking because you need to ensure every step is safe. Yeah, it requires a lot of focus to master a technique that would retain the heel in the boot. Moreover, when you are in a hurry, this situation can be annoying.

10 Quick Solutions to Heel Slippage

It is not that difficult to learn how to fix heel slippage in boots. Once you master it all, you will start to enjoy hiking again. Try to check these easy guidelines to eliminate the problem.

  • Choose the right fit.

The primary factor that you need to consider when buying boots is the size. I go for boots that are suitable for wide feet. When it is the right fit, your feet will stick to the boots’ shape very well. It is vital to know your correct foot size to reduce heel slippage.

  • The importance of Shoe Laces

The first that attracts my eye when buying hiking footwear are the laces. Laces enable me to adjust the tightness of the footwear to my liking. I am particular to speed laces that tie steadily.

This way, I can control over the fit of the boots and makes my heel position in place. Tight laces can even serve as a great foot support. Here is a video showing you how to fix heel slippage by tying shoelaces the right way.

  • Buy Tongue Pads

Tongue pads are useful when it comes to heel slippage. I bought mine years ago and kept it ever since. I do have a hiking shoe that is a little bit bigger than my exact size. I slip in the tongue pad to stuff the loose part of the shoe to keep my heel in place.

  • Think of Using Lace Anchors

I know that lace anchors are quite disturbing to look at especially when attached to a brand new shoe. I do use this only when I need to make sure the laces does not hang loose. It is a safety hazard during hiking, especially during the night. Lace anchors lock the shoes securely and put my heel in place.

  • Use Non-Slip Linings

Some footwear already has non-slip linings in the package. They are useful in keeping your heel in place.

  • Wear Non-slip Socks

Non-slip socks do not only help in keeping your heel in place during the hike. The good thing about using this solution is the best for me. You see, I do not need to put stuff inside my shoes just to make the right fit.

  • Double or triple the socks you are wearing.

Just wear double or even triple socks to stuff your shoe. It would tighten the boots, filling-in the loose area that can cause heel slippage. Hey, this is the easiest and mostly the most common fix.

  • Take Notice of Your Walking Style

It took me awhile to practice the appropriate walking style that is suitable for hiking. By making your heel touch the ground first, it helps to put the heel in place in every step.

  • Double Sided Tape

This sounds ridiculous, but this may help temporarily. I used this once when I ran out of time to fix my boots. It serves well for an hour or two, but in the middle of hiking, it did not stick anymore. When my feet start to sweat, good-bye sticky tape!

  • Consider built-in non-slip soles.

I suggest looking for footwear that has a built-in sole. The feature is effective in putting your heel in place. So, the next you buy boots, make this factor a must to your list.


I know that heel slipping is most bothersome for hikers. Since I do hike frequently, I make sure to test my footwear first before going outdoors. I have learned how to fix heel slippage in boots the first time at the campsite.

Heel slippage does not only make you feel uncomfortable during the hike but also is a probable safety hazard. If you experience heel slippage during trekking, I suggest you ask help to fix it. Remember, all the solutions are simple. Make sure to take care of it before you jump off to another trip!

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