Superfeet Green VS. Blue: Why You Need to Know the Difference

superfeet green vs blue

Whatever, there must be a reason behind the colors. Superfeet have established a color coding to help you find the right fit for you. Looking at the color chart, between Superfeet Green VS. Blue, which one is best for your shoe?

Knowing Superfeet, these insoles are manufactured with careful research to aid in supporting and stabilizing our feet in every step we make. Do you love hiking, but doesn’t seem to have the right hiking shoes? Because I am flatfooted, the use of Superfeet platforms is like giving my feet a treat. During my backpacking trips, it is a priority on my hiking checklist.


Superfeet Green VS Blue: Which One is for You?

This is not about which one is the best. What matters is which of the two colors are your right fit. Let’s find out if you can choose the insole that does not take up too much space (Volume) in your footwear and offers the finest shape and foot support (Profile).

Superfeet Green- Full-length Insole



Superfeet Green are full length, slip-on type rubber insole with imported leather material. Being High Profile, the biomechanical shape platform measures 2” high and 4” wide. If you have common foot pain probably in the arch or heel part, this sort of insoles may be beneficial to you. This is a big help especially when your job requires a lot of standing.


Besides, it also positions the soft tissue in a way that it can better assist with natural shock absorption.

  • Odor Control Coating: This natural coating eliminates bacteria that cause our foot’s foul smell. Not only that but your feet will be pampered in comfort by the Closed-Cell foam that supports and pads for long distance walking.
  • Stabilizer Cap: Is the bottom part of a base of the insole that supports the rear portion of the foot and is responsible for the structure and steadiness to the foam layer.

Are you new to this? Try to buy a pair and place them in your favorite shoes. It took a few days before I realized the importance of these insoles. Yours may also be the same.

I bought an extra pair to prevent the hassle of transferring if I use another footwear. If you’re fond of jogging, hiking, sports and is a fan of any outdoor activity, think about considering this in your safe list.

Let me show this Superfeet Green video:

Superfeet Blue Full Length Insole



This Medium-Profile Superfeet Insole is made of latex-free, water-resistant, and vegan material. Its thin but durable insole is suitable for low and medium volume shoes. This is suitable for athletic shoes, hiking shoes, and casual footwear.

It fits almost all type of footwear even those that have limited space inside. You can also use them with shoes that have non-removable factory insoles. Superfeet Blue is perfect for those who have flat feet that suffers foot pain often.


  • Stabilizer Cap: It’s railings strengthen the slender cap to offer structure and support.
  • Heel Cup: Aids the positioning of the heel so it can naturally absorb impact. Take note; it’s not as deep as the green.
  • Biomechanical Shape: Since the shape is medium profile, it places the bio-mechanical support underneath the foot. However, it does not occupy much space inside the footwear. Because of this, it became the most in-demand color any time of the year.
  • High-Density Foam Layer: It also has a closed-cell foam that gives comfort by supporting and serve as a cushion for the foot. This way, you can endure long hours of standing or hiking.
  • Organic, Odor-Control Coating: Eliminates bad odor caused by bacteria. You can even use them without using socks on.

Let me show you this Superfeet Blue short video:

By now, you must already know that the color coding is based on your size criteria. If you are not yet familiar with the other colors, you can check the Superfeet color guide and see which one fits you best. Stocks are suitable for women, men, and kids.


Superfeet Green VS. Blue is just a matter of choosing the right color for your feet. A big thanks to this insoles, I have a way of wearing my dream footwear that I found uncomfortable to use because of my wide feet. And for flat feet readers, these platforms are a big help too.

It’s time to say goodbye to foot pains that you have been enduring just because your job calls for it or because you like to have fun with friends in the outdoors. I have found my solution with Superfeet insoles.

How about you? If you have any questions, drop a message and let’s chat. If you find this helpful, feel free to share this with friends.

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