Jetboil vs. MSR: Which One is the Best Backpacking Cooking System?

Jetboil vs MSR

Most of us have a state of confusion while going on hiking that which best backpacking cooking system we should take along with us. That is why for your help, I am making a comparison between the two innovative and efficient cooking systems i.e. Jetboil vs MSR.

Jetboil and the MSR are the technically advanced and powerful cooking products which you can use in any weather condition. You can cook or boil a variety of foods in it. But there are lots of things which make both of them different from each other.


Thus, to help you in knowing which is the best among the Jetboil vs. MSR, I am writing the below in-depth article. Firstly I will tell you the common things between these two, and then we will make a comparison between them. I hope that at the end of this article, you will have a clear picture in your mind that which cooking stove you should buy and why.

What are the Similarities between the Jetboil vs. MSR?

Before making a comparison between the two, let's know few things which are common between the two backpacking cooking system.

1) Lightweight

The Jetboil and the MSR stove systems are lightweight products that you can carry along with you anywhere.


2) Compact size

Both of them come in the compact size so that it becomes easy for you to store them in the small place.

3) Functions efficiently

The functionality of both cooking systems is efficient as well as effective. So, there is no question of doubt about it.

4) Start with electric sparker

You do not have to use priming for starting the stove systems. I can quickly light them up with the help of the piezoelectric sparker.

Jetboil Jetpower 4-Season Fuel Blend, 100 Gram


5) Additional accessory

You will get one cleaning kit as well as a small repair kit along with the products. Trust me both kits are handy in the outdoor activity and backpacking.

Jetboil Flash Java Kit


6) Controlling knob

Both the units possess a controlling knob that can control the flame of the stoves. It is an excellent feature which I do not readily find in the backpacking cooking system.

Jetboil MightyMo Stove


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Now I will talk about the Jetboil first!

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

The Jetboil cooking system launched in the year 2004. Now, here I will review the recent model initiated by the company, i.e., Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System. It is a more advanced and hi-tech model which impressed me a lot.

Features of the Jetboil Cooking system

The following are the few features of the stove system which make you understand more about the product so that you can differentiate it with the MSR stove system.

a) Efficient Functioning

The Jetboil possesses a lid on the burner which saves it from the wind or any direct heat. What I like most about the product is that the pot of the unit has fins also which helps in drawing more heat towards the pot. It is a useful feature for the backpackers like me who usually visit the windy places.

Jetboil Zip Cooking System


b) Beautiful Design

I love the design of the Jetboil which makes it look great and elegant. All the components of the product are fitted so nicely over the pot. Sometimes I prefer to do few tasks while walking and this benefit is also present in this unit. The metallic handle of the jetboil let you carry the pot when water is boiling.

Flash Personal Cooking System


c) Temperature indicator

A temperature indicator with different colors is also present on the sleeve of the stove that guides about the pot's temperature. I love using this feature when I am boiling water as it saves my fuel.

Now, I will lay down few pros and cons of the Jetboil so that you can know about the product better and you can easily compare it with the MSR later.



The handle of the Jetboil is firm.

It is not stable like the MSR stove system.

The sleeve is also colorful.

It is a small pot than the MSR.

You can fit the components and the canister in the pot when needed.

The frying pan in the kit is very light that can get damaged easily.

You can cook while walking in the appliance as all the components tightly fit.

It does not work so much well in the windy area like the MSR.

It comes with the hanging kit.

It is a lightweight product which you can carry.

MSR Reactor Stove System

The principal over the MSR stove system works similar to the Jetboil cooking system. It is also known as one of the best wind screen cooking devices for backpacking.

Features of the MSR Reactor Stove System

There are some amazing features which I like the most while reviewing this product. Please read below for more clarification.

a) Outstanding gas burner

The gas burner of the MSR has a consistent flame regulator which does not let me stir the food repeatedly. My lots of food get burnt on my camping, but this product saves from such issue.

MSR WindBurner Stove System for Fast Boiling Fuel-Efficient Cooking for Backpacking, Solo Travelers, and Minimalist Trips


b) Protecting windshield

The most embarrassing situation which I have to face on the camping is when my burner gets off while cooking. But in the MSR, there is a protecting windshield which does not let the wind to reach the stove. Isn't it astonishing?

MSR WindBurner Stove System for Fast Boiling Fuel-Efficient Cooking for Backpacking, Solo Travelers, and Minimalist Trips


c) Large pot

The pot of the MSR is quite large in which I can fit the canister and the burner comfortably. What the good thing about the MSR is that I can use its pot with any stove.

Now I will let you know the pros and cons of the MSR which I come across while using the product.



It is an efficient gas stove in which the heat directly moves in the pot.

You cannot use any other pot on the MSR.

It has a windshield which does not let the burner off due to the wind.

It is an expensive product than the Jetboil.

The controller of the MSR let you steady the flame in cold weather also.

There is no controlling system for heat.

It is a compact size unit in which all the components get fit impeccably.

It consumes lots of fuel.

The pot is quite large in comparison to the Jetboil.

There is no controlling system for heat.

The pot of the MSR is easy to clean.

You will not get any frying pan with it.


Till now, I have used lots of backpacking cooking systems, but the above two stoves have mesmerized me with their features and benefits. After reviewing the jetboil vs. MSR, I can say that the people who have a budget constraint and still looking for an efficient stove stem then, buying the jetboil are a good choice.

However, some of you who have no problem in investing more money and want a big size system then, I will recommend MSR stove system.

I hope that you like the above article. If you have any doubt regarding the article then, write to us in the below comment box. We will reply back to you at the earliest. Please share your good experiences with us also.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your backpacking journey!

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