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Last night, I along with my friend came back from an amazing backpacking trip. That was one of the most memorable adventurous trips for me. It was also the first time when I get introduced to the vegetarian backpacking food by my friend.

Earlier I also have a misconception in my mind that as a backpacker, we don’t have many options regarding the vegetarian food. But believe me, my friend proved me wrong. There are numbers of different vegetarian foods which you can carry along with you on your backpacking trip. She told me minutely about every detail at that time.

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List of Important Things to Consider about food for vegetarian

I solely ask my friend during our camping period that “is it so easy to choose the vegetarian backpacking food like we do while selecting any backpacking meal for our trip?” She told me that before picking the vegetarian backpacking food, there are few important things which she always keeps in her mind.

So, I am also sharing the same helpful information here.

Nutrition level

She always picks that vegetarian food for her backpacking trip which has a right amount of nutrition level in it like fat, vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, water, and minerals. It not only provides her adequate energy but also make her super-active during the hiking. I have seen her high energy level during our backpacking trip also.

Bouddha Bowl mit Quinoa, Tomaten, Linsen, Oliven und Kürbis

Amount of Calories

It is well-known that at the time of backpacking trip, lots of energy gets used. To compensate this, every backpacker needs sufficient amount of calories. So, she always chooses that food which fulfills her daily calories requirement as per the regular physical activity

For example, at the time of easier hiking, only 2100 calories is required, but for mountaineering purposes, around 4500 calories need.

Lightweight food

The vegetarian backpacking foods which come in the dried form are more lightweight than any other type, for example, cashews, almonds, walnuts, dried apple, etc. Thus, her primary focus is always to pick that food which does not create any extra burden but also provide her complete nutrition as well.


List Items

The following is the list of the vegetarian backpacking food that she picks up during her different eating times on our backpacking trip.

Vegetarian Backpacking Food for Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important things that we need for beginning our energetic day. So, in our backpacking trip, my friend always prepares the meal (vegetarian) for two of us. It is how I also get the chance to taste the vegetarian backpacking food for breakfast.

On different days in our camp, we had different types of foods in our breakfast, like:

Granola Bar

We had the granola bar on the first breakfast day of our trip. These bars are available in the medium as well as large size. Firstly, I thought that the bar would not make my empty stomach full, but my thinking changes as soon as I consume it. It was not only yummy, but I get the right amount of calories from it.

granola bar

Dehydrated milk

There are lots of nutrients which we get only from milk. My friend never gets deprive of this food and always carry it in the dried form along with her. She also offered me the milk prepared from the dehydrated milk powder in the breakfast. Isn’t it amazing that you can have the benefits of the milk while during your backpacking journey also?

milk powder


On one more exciting day of our backpacking trip, we both were thinking to make some vegetarian breakfast that is different from the other days. In her bag, I found the packet of the oatmeal. To add more flavors to the food, I add some peanut butter to it for enhancing the overall taste. My friend also relished this tip in the recipe.



Adding Bagels as an option in the breakfast is also great. We use them in the dips, salads, and soups. Sometimes, we consume it with the butter as a topping to give us a high-calorie start at the beginning of the day. It is a good option when we are feeling little lazy to cook breakfast in our camp.


Vegetarian backpacking food for lunch & dinner

Whenever my vegetarian friend and I go out on the backpacking trip together, we try to cook some different recipes and foods each time.

Last time on our backpacking trip, we not only had a lot of adventures but also prepare some yummy and appetizing vegetarian meals for the lunch and the dinner. Firstly, I thought to cook some non-vegetarian freeze dried food for me, but for a change, I prefer to go with my friend diet.

If you want to read about the best freeze dried food then, open the below link: Read to Know the Best Freeze Dried Food for Backpacking

Now, I will share with you few vegetarian backpacking foods which I had for lunch and dinner with my friend.

Dehydrated Soups

What I like to consume more during my backpacking trip are the dehydrated soups. Here, we have the soup containing organic sweet corn, sea salt, carrots, lentils, and parsley. It was an entirely satisfying meal for us.

dehydrated soup

Dehydrated Beans

There is lots of requirement of the proteins which we need at the time of the backpacking trip. Thus, carrying dehydrated beans is a good option for the vegetarian people.

dehydrated beans


Do you know that Ramen also comes with the vegetarian ingredients? Well! It is more than the soup that comprises of the yummy ramen noodles. I usually have this food at my home but never think of it consuming as a backpacking food. I know it's not a healthy vegetarian backpacking food, but you can have it for some change in your daily routine diet in the journey.


Boxed Meals

There are lots of boxed meals that provide you a complete range of food in different varieties. There is no need to cook and prepare them on the cooking stove. Just cut the packet and eat them. I like this quick and flavorful option a lot.

box meals

Prepared Meals

One day on our dinner time, she made the prepared meal that comprises of curry. I was amazed by its flavor and forget all about my favorite non-vegetarian backpacking meals. You can easily make it by adding hot water. Isn't it so easy?


Vegetarian backpacking food for snacks

For me, it is tough to think about what to make for the meals in the backpacking trip. I used to believe that only non-vegetarian people have lots of option, but my friend proved me wrong. She offered me some excellent vegetarian backpacking foods for snacks that I will share with you here.


I think there are very fewer people on this earth who does not like chocolates and I am also one of them. Carrying different flavored chocolates is also a good option in snacks for a vegetarian backpacker.



There are numbers of options when we talk about energy bars or granola bars. You get a right quantity of calories, fiber, and carbohydrates with only one small bar. I love this food after a hectic and busy hiking. It has lots of healthy fruits like almonds, dates, raisins, walnuts, dehydrated pineapple, carrots, etc.


Salty Snacks

I think for every backpacker like me, salty snacks are one of the safest backpacking foods that we use during the emergency times. Sometimes, we both had these chips during the late night hours in our camp to fulfill our little hunger.

Salty snacks

Nut butters

One of my favorite vegetarian backpacking foods which I ate a lot during the snacks time is the Nut butter. Sometimes we also use it in different recipes to give a rich and creamy flavor. In fact, on some evenings I could not resist myself from eating it directly from the jar.

nut butter

Cookies and Candy

One of the best snacks to fill your empty stomach in the evening is the candy and the cookies. There are plenty of cookies which we ate on different snacks time. However, I love chocolates more than the cookies. But in the hot temperature, sometimes the chocolate gets melted, and it spoils the overall flavor also. So, cookies are a better alternative for the sweets lovers like me



I can never think of any food that can replace my favorite chips, but soy jerky strips are an exception to this thought. It comprises of high-protein, high energy, and no cholesterol. It is also known as one of the best alternative meat products that we can find on the market. 


Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, and Nuts

There are lots of options while buying the trail mix, dried fruit, and nuts. All of these are high-calorie foods that give you the right amount of energy for the whole day. We eat them any time of our backpacking trip.

trail mix


I hope now that after reading the above list of the vegetarian backpacking food, you will carry them on your next backpacking trip. It will not also make you enjoy some change, but you can refer the list to your any vegetarian backpacker friend.

Do not forget to make your non-vegetarian friend taste all the above foods. I am sure that they will also relish this new change in the backpacking journey.

However, there might be some more foods which you can include in your vegetarian backpacking foods list after visiting the nearby stores or online shopping websites. The list is endless, and the above names are only few which I have tried with my friend.

I hope that you like my above article and if you have any good thoughts to share with me then, please write in the below comment box. I feel pleased to hear from our dear readers like you.

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