The Best Hammock Straps: 2019 Top Collection


Every adventure tends to teach me anew. It did not take long for me to realize that there are many essential things that I need to consider when going outdoors. Even the little ones are vital. And yes, hammock straps are especially one of them.

The first straps that I used did not last long. I ended up sleeping in a tent, together with a bunch of friends. So now, when I talk about hammock straps, I get serious. If there’s anything that I value most, it’s the comfort and safety of my outdoor escapades.

Using the best hammock straps saves me time, effort and the worries. It also opens the opportunity to enjoy the backpacking experience to the fullest.

There are many types of hammock straps that you can choose from in the market today. To make it easier for you, I have a list prepared that I consider the best.


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Product Name



XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps Set Versatile 2000+ LBS Heavy Duty 40 Loops & 100% No Stretch Suspension System Kit - Camping Hammock Accessories | 2 Carabiners










Hammock Straps By Wise Owl Outfitters - Combined 20 Ft Long, 38 Loops W/ 2 Carabiners - Easily Adjustable, Tree Friendly Must Have Gear For Camping Hammocks Like Eno



The Top 4 Hammock Straps

1. MalloMe- XL Hammock Straps Versatile Set

XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps Set Versatile 2000+ LBS Heavy Duty 40 Loops & 100% No Stretch Suspension System Kit - Camping Hammock Accessories | 2 Carabiners


Backpacking means making sure not to miss anything. I only use the gears that are durable and reliable. Well, when I go, I know that it’s going to be tough.

MalloMe pops out as one of my choices. Mind you, I hesitated when I saw the price. Considering its good reviews in terms of durability and versatility, I picked and gave it a try. Sometimes, the price is reasonable enough to make a deal.

Sure enough, on my next camping trip, the straps kept me “hanging” in my sleep, strong and steadfast. The no stretch polyester material did a good job even after it was exposed to rain. No regrets whatsoever!

Aside from the high quality of the product, it was a piece of cake to set up. I was totally happy being the first to settle down among the rest. A hint for beginners, this product is great for you!

I found the daisy-chained loop system a big help when adjusting the height of my hammock too. No, it did not sag at all but when I need a long rest, I like to keep the hammock higher to keep a little privacy for myself.

The straps are 12 feet long and can support a weight of 700 pounds. There is no reason to doubt if it can carry you at all.

I’ve had several backpacking trips since I purchased these straps. Until now, it’s the same old straps that I can count on. If you are looking for the best quality straps that does not hurt much your budget, I recommend MalloMe for you. It’s durable and reliable. Totally worth it!


  • The stitching of the straps is very good and secured.
  • Heavy-duty
  • The free carabiners can lock in place, so it’s safe.
  • Worth the price you paid for.


  • The bag that goes with it is too small.
  • There is a part in the carabiner that’s sharp, it may cut the hand.

2. Nature’s Hang-out- Best quality for a Reasonable Price

HangTight Hammock Straps - Quick & Easy Setup For All Hammocks. Extra Strong, Lightweight & Tree Friendly. No Stretch Polyester. 20 Feet Long & 32 Adjustable Loops Total

I have picked Nature’s Hang-out as my alternate choice. If it seems that the rest of the products does not meet what you are looking for, you might want to try Nature’s Hang-out. It offers the same high-quality standards but is a little bit budget friendly.

If you think a shorter strap is comfortable for you, this product is just right. To be specific, it is 10 feet long and contains 16 loops. What I like most about it are the triple-stitched seams that add to its being durable.

Being outdoors, plans do not usually go as expected. Whether I end up in a spot that trees are rare, these straps are versatile. Amazingly, it can be tied around rocks, posts or docks. Needless to say, it’s versatility is very useful.

I have chosen this hammock straps as my second choice because, on top of having a reasonable price, it stands out as durable and versatile.


  • It has good stitching at the stress points.
  • Has a reasonable price.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable in the weather for long.


  • The logo easily rips off.

3. RALLT Hammock Tree Straps

Hammock Tree Straps - 2000+ LB Breaking Strength, 20 Feet Long, 36 Loops. 100% No Stretch Polyester Adjustable Suspension Straps Like Python and ENO Atlas Straps


If you are planning to buy hammock straps with a low budget, I recommend RALLT. With just a slight difference compared to other brands, it offers the same convenience and security. I call it a “smart buy” since it’s really inexpensive.

Believe it or not, the quality is just as good as the rest of the collection.

This product is applicable to any kind of hammock you own. It’s made out of strong 100% polyester tubular webbing that’s guaranteed not to stretch, rip and tear under weather conditions. The length is 10 feet long and with a tested breaking strength of 2000 lbs.

The ¾” width looks thin to me so I checked it further, fearing it might break. Good enough to know that it has the same bar-tacked stitches as other popular brands. This kind of stitch is usually stronger than the material it binds.

For backpacking, these straps are great. They are conveniently packed in a small bag and is very light and compact. You can carry it comfortably in your backpack.

You see, having a low budget, does not mean you can’t buy what you need. Like this product, it gives the same quality, durability, and security that every hammock straps offers.

These straps, earned my trust. It never made me scared nor embarrassed because of crashing down. I can say that I have truly paid for the quality of this product and not just the brand.

I recommend you consider this your budget pick!


  • It has more row of stitching per loop compared to others.
  • It has more row of stitching per loop compared to others.
  • Versatile
  • The straps are easy to put back into the bag.


  • Straps are very narrow it doesn't grip trees well.
  • The thinness of the straps makes it easy to bunch and crunch.

4. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Tree Straps

Hammock Straps By Wise Owl Outfitters - Combined 20 Ft Long, 38 Loops W/ 2 Carabiners - Easily Adjustable, Tree Friendly Must Have Gear For Camping Hammocks Like Eno


Do you want to go for an adventure in style?

Wise Owl Outfitters is a brand known for its high-quality standard straps. It may come to you as pricey, but with cost goes along quality, style, and security.

Backpackers, bringing these hammock straps are light and easy. Each hammock strap is 10 feet long and has 19 combined adjustment points. It has triple stitching as well, always a plus on when it comes to security.

Like all leading hammock straps brand, this 1” strap is easy to set up. It may be because I have done it a lot of times, but I believe that even newbies would agree with me.

At its best, Wise Owl Outfitters hammock straps have been selling these features for already a long time. It’s durability and quality has already been tested. For a little bit of luxury, I recommend this product.

These straps are the best for its convenience and flexibility. And what’s more? This product offers 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. It was a worry-free purchase after all!


  • The stitching is of very high quality.
  • Carrying case is handy.
  • A quality product for a good price.
  • Very stable


  • There are no compression straps in the bag.

Why Choose Hammocks Tree Straps instead of ropes?

  • Tree straps are safer choice comparing to ropes.

  • The wide width of the straps does not hurt the trees. The rope tends to scratch the bark of the trees.

  • The width of the straps also is secure to wrap firmly around the tree trunk.

  • Ropes are known to stretch and sag but the hammock strap is made out of non-stretchable material.

  • Ropes are known to stretch and sag but the hammock strap is made out of non-stretchable material.
  • Tree straps are easy and quick to knot comparing to ropes. It contains hoops to hook at.

  • I don’t need to untie the straps during adjustments.

What You Need to Consider When Buying Hammock Straps

Sometimes, buying can be a little bit confusing. It is so true, especially if you are presented with products that are all at its best. To help you out, I have noted down some factors that need to be considered before your purchase.

Here is a buying guide to help you pick what you like best.

value section


The robustness of the straps is crucial when you are using a hammock. Of all the factors, for me, this should come first.

The straps should be capable of carrying the weight that you expect. And when it comes to weather exposure, it should hold up even being used with utmost abuse. Tough hammock straps will make sure that you won’t wake up on the ground.



For me, backpacking, camping or even hiking are full of surprises. I’ll never know where I’ll end up to rest. That means I might use the straps to tie around a tree, a post, walls or even a rock. So it is essential to choose a strap that will hook up to various objects.


Weight, length, and Size

Hammock straps that are lightweight are of course convenient to bring. It won’t be an additional burden for me to carry during the hike. With just the backpack, small size would mean more space for other important things.

Yet, considering long straps would be an advantage to cover wider spaces in between trees. I know it will cost me additional money but if it is more useful than short ones.

Purple hammock straps


Consistent rubbing of the straps would hurt the tree barks particularly if the weight is too heavy. I prefer using straps that are wide in width so not to damage the trees. The wider it is, the larger the part where the weight is being spread upon.


That’s why it’s important to read reviews before I buy. I consider it helpful particularly to my budget. I can choose the best hammock straps that are suitable and is reasonable to the price range that I can afford.

Easy to Setup

The time that I spend for just setting up a hammock is important. So finding straps that have the simplest instructions is my priority. Lesser time consumed can give me more time to spend relaxing.

The best hammock straps will stay in place longer too. It saves me time from going down to adjust the height of the hammock.​​​​


The usual material being used to make a strap durable is polyester webbing. Other brands use nylon as well. Anyways, the purpose of choosing this material is to prevent the straps from stretching.


Didn't you think the color is important? For me, it is. If I want my straps to blend in the coolness of the trees, green is best. I would go for bright colors so that it won’t be hard for me to see it in the dark.

Other Features

There are varieties of feature that you need to check. Some may be too small to notice but still matters.

Storage bag- it must be big enough for the straps to fit in and it must close really well.

Size and shape of Carabiner- carabiners play a big role in determining the strength and the convenience during setup.

Loops- the number of loops found on daisy chain straps would also determine the versatility of adjusting the height of your hammock.

A video on how to set-up the hammock:

The latest trend for hammock straps is the daisy chain. It is the woven loops attached to each strap. It does not matter how many loops there are, or how long the strap is. The method of using it is still the same.

Here is a simple demonstration of how to tie the straps to a tree. Enjoy!

Tips you should know when you own a hammock:

  • Always remember to check the quality of the straps before installing.
  • There are different types of the hammock in the market. Be sure your straps are suitable with what you have.
  • Check if your hammock straps are a complete set before you go outdoors. A complete set consists of a pair of straps, a pair of sturdy hooks and the pouch that goes with it.
  • It is advisable to do a careful research and review to keep you well informed before purchase.


Have you decided what to pick? All of the choices are winners of their own right. So whatever you choose, I am sure you will be bringing home the best.

We might not choose the same, but our pick for the best hammock straps is the MalloMe product. I tell you why I picked it.

Comparing to the rest of the products, MalloMe met all the specifications I need. It is not as expensive as popular brands, but it boasts in high standards in terms of quality.

All the straps that I have proven best have the same features. They just slightly differ on the specifics and of course the price.

However, with this pick, I have tested and used it with satisfaction. It’s been a regular equipment during my backpacking moments. Comparing to others, it has proven to be most reliable.

It is important to me to bring the best hammock straps. It is an assurance that I will enjoy my adventures outdoors to the max. I hope the buying guide I showed you were a big help. Information is the secret to be able to buy the best in the market.

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