Chaco VS Keen: Which One is the Winner for the Best Sandal?

chaco vs keen

It is summer once again, and the trails are calling my name. It is about time that I reward myself with new sandals to enjoy the holidays. I love flip-flops more than close-toed shoes. My feet deserve to be free sometimes.

I am excited to find out about the latest sandals that are best for hiking. I have been contemplating about Chaco VS Keen. Which of the two do you think will win my heart?


The Benefits of Sandals

For women, there are plenty of designs when it comes to sandals. I am not the girly type. I pick the style that suits fine with my daring adventures. I prioritize the durable, neat and comfortable brand.

Why do I prefer sandals? Let us find out reasons why you will love them!

  • My Feet Can Breathe- It is essential for me to keep my feet dry. Damp feet are prone to athlete’s foot and bad odor.
  • Easy to put on- I do not need laces to wear sandals. Usually, it is a snap-and-go practical footwear for beaches.

Chaco VS Keen

In this comparison, I will feature one Sandal in each brand. This means both sandals are the best I can find that will suit my trip this summer. I am looking for a winner that is affordable, durable, a perfect fit and of course, lightweight.

Chaco Women’s Classic Athletic Sandals

This is my best pick among all the Chaco sandals I have seen. The athletic design just fit the style I wanted. The adjustable polyester double-straps is a big help since I love to customize the tightness of the straps to bring me the right feel of fit. Since I have wide feet, I find the toe loop an extra forefoot control. 

Another thing that impressed me is the adjustable and durable high-tensile webbing heel risers along with its LUVSEAT PU midsole. I am confident that I will not be having problems with heel slippage during my hike. Chaco is true to their size though; I did not have a hard time to find my fit. 

The prize for my size costs $100. Not bad, it seems affordable for a brand that is prominent in durability and good quality. Do not mind getting it wet since Chaco sandals are great for the beach.

However, do not get me wrong. These lightweight sandals are in for an adventure. I plan to wear this on my next backpacking trip!

If you are also interested in Chaco Sandals, try to see this video and find out what you like best.

Keen Women’s Whisper Sandals

My last pair of sandals was KEEN. It is old and rugged but is still durable for another long hike. Nevertheless, I found Whisper Sandals’ design to my liking. The color is cool, and the design gives security and comfort at the same time.

Rain or shine, KEEN proves to be my best friend during my hikes, camping, river trekking, beach parties, and other aquatic activities. The adjustable polyester straps are water resistant hydrophobic mesh liners. Moreover, the sandals are washable, durable and yes, odor resistant.

This time, the quick draw elastic cord lacing systems enables me to adjust the right, comfortable and secure fit. Even my steps are safe because of the Metatomical EVA footbed and midsole that offers perfect arch support. I say, if I am looking for a wearable water footwear that provides the increased traction and stability, KEEN is on my top list.

So, how much does this sandal cost me? The price is $68 for my budget

Do you want a much better look? Here is a video for you to enjoy.

The Winner

Now you know why it is too hard for me to decide what to choose as my personal pick. Both meet my standards regarding durability, weight, price, and fit. Keen is cheaper than Chaco.

However, I love the simplicity of Chaco’s design. Chaco is best when I am in a hurry wherein I can just slip into my sandals and run. Nevertheless, for my backpacking trip next time, I would feel comfortable with KEEN since it is a mountain trip. The KEEN design is not too open that it can offer additional protection to my feet from sharp rocks and twigs.

Therefore, my winner is KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals. It does not only offer the best price but also has features that are beneficial for both beach and mountains adventures. The water-resistant feature is a big plus, and the sturdy build is reliable for rugged terrain.

It does not matter what you choose. Chaco and Keen are already winners in the field of footwear. They are trusted already for their durability, great style, and perfect fit. And as of the price, I am sure that they are very competitive.

What about you? Are you Chaco or a Keen?

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